Teluk Kemang Beach

Can’t wait to take a dip? Head over to Teluk Kemang. Commonly referred to as Pantai Teluk Kemang by locals, is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Teluk Kemang. Teluk Kemang Beach is easily accessible by car and is around 20 minutes drive from Port Dickson town. Teluk Kemang Beach is extraordinarily busy with visitors and beachgoers on weekends and public holidays, while the sea becomes frantic from motorised water activities. 


Teluk Kemang Beach is popular among locals, particularly those who love water sport attractions, because it is the finest equipped beach-side entertainment spot, offering a wide range of activities such as wind-surfing, kayaking, water scootering, and many more. Aside from swimming in the sea or simply relaxing on the beach while enjoying the sea breeze, visitors can try their hand at exciting activities such as water skiing or parasailing. If you want to do activities with a group, you can go banana boating or canoeing. Travellers can also hire a speedboat to explore surrounding beaches or small islands along Port Dickson’s shoreline.


There are plenty of food kiosks and a food court at Teluk Kemang Beach in Port Dickson, providing local delicacies and savoury snacks, which is a treat for those who are hungry after a swim or two. If you enjoy seafood, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are many seafood restaurants located along the shore here when night falls. Teluk Kemang Beach is also one of the most comfortable and convenient beach destinations, with a variety of facilities such as car parking, shower facilities, washrooms, and unique souvenir kiosks.


Teluk Kemang is the largest in terms of services and infrastructure. Teluk Kemang is located between the 7th and 8th mile of PD and is home to the majority of hotels, resorts, and family apartments. Baitul Hilal, Ostrich Farm, and Pusat Ikan Hiasan are among the nearby tourist attractions.


The beach is wide and strewn with fine sand in cream and ochre colours, and the nearby sea waters are popular for motorised water sports. Along the coastline, there are gazebos, paved footpaths, car lots, walkways, bathroom facilities, and even a big square with a public stage.


What’s even better? You don’t have to pay to enjoy the beach. You can witness beautiful sunsets here as well. But if you’re planning a quiet romantic evening, this might not be the place for you as you’d be surrounded by children running along the beach.